Before & After

UPMC – Seasons of Hope

Creating a fresh, eccentric, 4-seasons look that rivaled any nature herself could craft, AOO customized the entire event to fit the venue of choice--the 88,000 sq. foot Pittsburgh Steeler’s practice field. Over a 5-day period and with over 15,000 man hours of labor, the space was transformed from an Astroturf-covered field to an enchanted forest filled with living as well as artificial scenery including trees, shrubbery and boulders with a real water pond resting at the base of the main stage supporting a 50’-wide virtual (projected) waterfall. Up on stage, a stone and wood chimney standing 16’ tall rested on a cantilevered 30’ x 60’ x 10’ stage recreating Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Water” home design.