At AOO Events defining our core values has really helped to mold our company’s direction. The notion of putting clear systems in place has allowed us to develop our brand’s functionality and excel at what we do best. Our core values state that we believe in a global, educated and forward thinking view of event design. In order to facilitate this view we use specific design assets that complement our signature style. AOO Floral is our most prized design asset. Led by floral designer Jason Vorse, we rely on his design sensibilities for arrangements that illustrate excellence in delivery of every detail.

As summer comes to an end we recently sat down with Jason to learn about his floral design thinking for fall. Jason’s passion has been rooted in floral mechanics and design. Jason infuses his work with a deep knowledge of horticulture and plant physiology. With this knowledge, he knows firsthand what to look for as the seasons begin to change.

The first thing we wanted to know was what makes certain flowers autumnal for a designer. According to Jason, designers look at flowers in different ways. “Autumnal design can come from two different views, one view is to strive for dark, rich, copper and amber tones of the season and another view, which is how I like to look at it, is that it can come from a multi-textural design component,” says Jason.

As is the case with merchandising, fall florals are attentively chosen by color as most consumers gravitate toward this feature per season. Some of Jason’s favorite plants for fall include the various grasses and leaves that begin to change color. Jason highlights Maple leaves that bloom in rich orange and red as some of his favorites for their easy accessibility at the market. More favorites include seed pods, which bloom bright orange Rose Hips and Water Lotus.

Coming up Jason hopes to embark on a fall photo shoot that will represent his ideas as they change through the seasons. His dream fall floral design leans toward Baroque art and architecture, which includes multi-textural patterns on patterns and textures on textures. As the lead designer of AOO Floral, Jason’s work has become one of our most prized design assets. We look forward to seeing his innovative style continue to bloom in the upcoming months

Below Jason showcases some of his favorite designs for the upcoming season.

fall floral design

Dark purple Callas with Hypericum Orange Star of Bethlehem

floral design for fall

Grey Latex Roses, Ti Leaves and Cattleya Orchids.

fall floral design

Green Cymbidium Orchids

fall floral design

Yellow Roses, Spray Roses, Big trunk fall flowers and Chrysantheums