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Vintage Carnival

We were tasked with designing an event that would lift guests out of a traditionally business focused weekend and let them have some playtime. Using a blend of décor and entertainment, we created an evening that was whimsical yet stylishly sophisticated. Laaaaa-d-d-dies and gentlemen-n-n, step right up and enjoy the quirky circus!

Vintage Carnival
  • Dream Foundation – Valentino
    Dream Foundation – Valentino
  • Coastal Wedding
    Coastal Wedding
  • An Immersive Inaugural Dinner
    An Immersive Inaugural Dinner
  • A Five-Star Grand Opening
    A Five-Star Grand Opening
  • Cran-Tango Holiday
    Cran-Tango Holiday
  • UPMC – Seasons of Hope
    UPMC – Seasons of Hope
  • Paramount Studios Backlot Event
    Paramount Studios Backlot Event
  • Superbowl 50 – San Francisco
    Superbowl 50 – San Francisco