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Solid Gold Celebration

In creating the perfect one of a kind  experience AOO Events took over an existing Hollywood hot-spot and transformed it into a one-night only experience. By removing existing elements and replacing them with custom made furnishings, elaborate florals, and hosting a spectacular headline entertainment performer, these detailed touches worked to create and enhance the venue’s overall atmosphere. From bar to restaurant to private ballroom, Social Hollywood was converted into a high-end luxurious experience known to only a few, simply as “Club DB.”

Solid Gold Celebration
  • Club Glen
    Club Glen
  • Dream Foundation – Ferragamo
    Dream Foundation – Ferragamo
  • Coastal Wedding
    Coastal Wedding
  • Carousel Wedding
    Carousel Wedding
  • A Fashionable Media Event
    A Fashionable Media Event
  • A Sistah Soiree
    A Sistah Soiree
  • Corporate Retreat
    Corporate Retreat
  • UPMC – Seasons of Hope
    UPMC – Seasons of Hope
  • Rustic and Romantic
    Rustic and Romantic