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Athlete of the Year Awards Dinner

For an Annual Reception Dinner & Awards Ceremony, our team was presented with a new venue that was long and narrow with a low ceiling in which to create a branded, guest-friendly and television production quality decor environment.

Athlete of the Year Awards Dinner
  • Heart Foundation – Palladium
    Heart Foundation – Palladium
  • Coastal Wedding
    Coastal Wedding
  • Hi-tech Namaste
    Hi-tech Namaste
  • Paramount Studios Backlot Event
    Paramount Studios Backlot Event
  • Dream Foundation – Ferragamo
    Dream Foundation – Ferragamo
  • Cran-Tango Holiday
    Cran-Tango Holiday
  • Carousel Wedding
    Carousel Wedding
  • Corporate Retreat
    Corporate Retreat
  • Unexpected Delights
    Unexpected Delights
  • Solid Gold Celebration
    Solid Gold Celebration
  • UPMC – Seasons of Hope
    UPMC – Seasons of Hope
  • A Corporate Brand Experience
    A Corporate Brand Experience
  • 13/13 Club
    13/13 Club
  • A Five-Star Grand Opening
    A Five-Star Grand Opening