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Corporate Retreat

In order to create a seamless event at a world-class site, we custom designed a look that easily could have been an existing venue. Through the use of lighting, custom made furniture, floral and architectural elements we created the ambience of a first class restaurant and achieved our goal. Part interior design, part event design created this wonderful environment.

Corporate Retreat
  • Heart Foundation – Palladium
    Heart Foundation – Palladium
  • Cran-Tango Holiday
    Cran-Tango Holiday
  • Paramount Studios Backlot Event
    Paramount Studios Backlot Event
  • Unexpected Delights
    Unexpected Delights
  • Athlete of the Year Awards Dinner
    Athlete of the Year Awards Dinner
  • Hi-tech Namaste
    Hi-tech Namaste
  • Dream Foundation – Valentino
    Dream Foundation – Valentino
  • Coastal Wedding
    Coastal Wedding
  • A Five-Star Grand Opening
    A Five-Star Grand Opening
  • Dream Foundation – Ferragamo
    Dream Foundation – Ferragamo
  • Vintage Carnival
    Vintage Carnival
  • A Corporate Brand Experience
    A Corporate Brand Experience
  • Solid Gold Celebration
    Solid Gold Celebration
  • An Immersive Inaugural Dinner
    An Immersive Inaugural Dinner