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Unexpected Delights

What is an event but a series of unexpected delights? The experience weaves them through expertly from beginning to end. Or in the case of this black tie, corporate event we produced in Las Vegas, from the donut wall – always an unexpected delight— to a high-design vending machine filled with tiny bottles of Moet & Chandon! Other delights included a vee setting for the dining tables that made the white grand piano and performer the center of attention, a beautiful ribbon chandelier and splashes of lighting texture on the walls.

Unexpected Delights
  • A Five-Star Grand Opening
    A Five-Star Grand Opening
  • Unexpected Delights
    Unexpected Delights
  • Superbowl 50 – San Francisco
    Superbowl 50 – San Francisco
  • Paramount Studios Backlot Event
    Paramount Studios Backlot Event
  • A Corporate Brand Experience
    A Corporate Brand Experience
  • An Immersive Inaugural Dinner
    An Immersive Inaugural Dinner
  • Cran-Tango Holiday
    Cran-Tango Holiday
  • Corporate Retreat
    Corporate Retreat
  • Athlete of the Year Awards Dinner
    Athlete of the Year Awards Dinner
  • Vintage Carnival
    Vintage Carnival