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UPMC – Seasons of Hope

To take the World Champion Pittsburgh Steeler’s 88,000 square foot indoor training field, and turn it into an elaborate gala, themed after Frank Lloyd Wright’s, “Falling Water” house was an awesome undertaking, to say the least. “Seasons of Hope” was the theme for the evening. With more than 18 semi-trucks from over 5 states, a virtual forest was created including a virtual waterfall with a natural pond, an oversize virtual fireplace and even a “frozen” stage for a live ice skating performance! And let’s not forget LIZA!

UPMC – Seasons of Hope
  • Coastal Wedding
    Coastal Wedding
  • Carousel Wedding
    Carousel Wedding
  • UPMC Celebrate A Future w/o Cancer
    UPMC Celebrate A Future w/o Cancer
  • Sistahs Soiree
    Sistahs Soiree
  • Vintage Carnival
    Vintage Carnival
  • 13/13 Club
    13/13 Club
  • Corporate Retreat
    Corporate Retreat
  • Paramount Studios Backlot Event
    Paramount Studios Backlot Event
  • Hi-tech Namaste
    Hi-tech Namaste