4 Sustainable Event Trends to Watch in 2021

4 Sustainable Event Trends to Watch in 2021

Last March our industry came to a standstill, and slowly but surely, we transitioned to connecting through virtual events of all kinds on platforms that made it possible, like Zoom and Exvo by All Seated. Now that we are returning to a bit of normalcy as vaccinations roll out, I’m called to reassess my event production processes so that we can celebrate and entertain in person again while keeping sustainability and transparency in mind.

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t go back to our old models. We must continue creating new ways to connect with each other without the hefty cost of excess and waste to our planet.

David Merrell’s 4 Sustainable Event Trends to Watch in 2021

Hybrid Events
Hybrid events will combine virtual and local in-person opportunities in one event. This will result in less travel, less waste, and provide a safe and healthy way for large events to continue while people are still getting vaccinated.

Organic Eco-Friendly Design Elements
Get creative by using organic, natural materials to design installations. Find a local artist that can create a wall of hanging art with elements like driftwood, dried leaves, pressed flowers, or recyclables that will wow guests without leaving an environmental footprint.

Local and Plant-Based Catering
Keep catering local so that food can be sourced sustainably while supporting local commerce. Even better, cut out the animal byproducts and use a caterer that can deliver plant-based meals. This will cut down on emissions, labor, and plastic waste. There are plenty of innovative, vegan options your guests will love! 

green vegan dish local and plant-based catering

Pop-Up Collaborations
Keep guests safe and healthy while treating them to a unique, branded experience that can be eco-friendly and beneficial for promotion. The tip here is to rent modular event structures that will be easy to clean and won’t be discarded while hosting guests in a unique and personal way.

Let us know what live and virtual trends are on your radar for a healthier, safer, and more sustainable 2021!