A Tequila Sunrise … and Sunset

A Tequila Sunrise … and Sunset

A permanent installation for Patron Tequila celebrates the origins of the well-known spirit with a luxurious look and feeling. The design of this special immersive environment was led by AOO designer Ruben Gomez and took place at the TMA Hideaway, a space with both outdoor and indoor areas perfect for social distancing. Here, special guests and influencers gather to sip tequila and get a glimpse inside the world of Patron.

Before. During. After.

The focal point of the space is a brilliant graphic element. The 16-foot-long 8-foot wide waterfall LED screen begins above the bar and “spills” into the space. The images on it evolve in a slow time-lapse to unveil how tequila is made, from first light at the agave fields where it all begins to the bottling of the spirit in the brand’s signature bottles and finally to a magical sunset and cocktail hour. 

Our design considered one of the elements that makes Patron so special – its mission to the art of handcrafted design from barrels to corks and bottles. We honored this with several handmade elements such as a custom shelving unit and a show-stopping cocktail table made from live edge wood and inlaid with a garden of agave plants.

Designing during this Covid era was a challenge, but only in terms of time Gomez said. “The screen took a little longer to create with everyone working safely and with only a minimum of techs at any one time.”

Ultimately, this special installation and design came together just like a Patron tequila – aged perfectly with care, and just in time for cocktail hour.

Designed and Installation: AOO Events | AOO Designer: Ruben Gomez | AOO Senior Producer:  Jaka Jaiteh | Venue: TMA Hideaway, hideawaystyle, LED Screen: The One Up Group

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