AOO Virtual Events


AOO Events has professional expertise in live and virtual event production, and multiple streaming platforms with broadcast capability. Additionally, our relationship with Allseated and its one-of-a-kind virtual platform exVo makes us uniquely positioned as a leader in virtual and hybrid events. Whatever platform we use to build our events, they all incorporate the use of personal touchpoints, details, and enhancements to increase engagement with your attendees wherever they are experiencing your event. This is what sets AOO Events apart and that make your live event production more exciting and memorable. 

Ciena Virtual Incentive Event 2021

AOO Events has been proud to have produced many of Ciena’s incentive events at a variety of destinations worldwide. This year they opted to produce an online event and asked us to recreate some of the same activities in a virtual platform.

The virtual streamed event included a video by the chefs at Good Gracious! Events preparing a Caribbean menu and giving cooking tips and insights into the menu.

We worked with the catering firm to coordinate food delivery to several international destinations. The boxes contained branded gift items, cocktail ware and makings, and prepared foods so no one had to cook. We did extensive research on what could travel, for how far and how long it could keep. For some of these destinations there were only one or two attendees. In those cases, we contracted with caterers in those countries so the packages would all arrive at the same time. After having dinner – or breakfast depending on what time zone they were in – together, the attendees had time to interact and catch up. The goal was to create a meaningful experience even on a virtual platform which we did with a perfectly planned delivery. 

The Montgomery Virtual Summit 2021

The Montgomery Summit is a complex, two-day conference with multiple presentations. This year it became more complex when it became a virtual think tank with broadcast production capabilities built into it. The virtual productioimplemented by Executive Producer David Merrell and Technical Producer Kelly Melo, included 71 seminars with 250 presenters, plus all their teams and assistants, and was streamed live to guests from private studio in Southern California. Through five weeks of precise planning, the team seamlessly managed 250 presenters and almost 1,000 pieces of video content by distributing assets among eight satellite stations throughout the show. The result was a broadcast quality show produced within a studio. The content was then repackaged for an online website attendees can continue to access. Even Eric Yuan, the CEO and Founder of Zoom, was impressed with the magnitude of the production saying “The Montgomery Summit will become the replicable model for virtual events in the future. This was so nicely produced. Thank you!” Enough said.

Allseated ExVo Launch to the Hospitality Industry

David Merrell and AOO was approached by Sandy Hammer, co-owner of Allseated, to design and produce the launch of exVo, Allseated’s new, 3D immersible platform with broadcast capabilities.

David and team worked in the capacity as event designers alongside the technology designers and coders at Allseated to create the functionality and elements needed for exVo to be a leading platform of its kind. After several months of development and planning, the platform was ready, and the hospitality industry’s many associations came together for the very first all-virtual conference in January 2021. 

The launch was a success. Allseated now offers our services as in-house designers, and we are currently working alongside their team to re-engineer more of the events that are part of conferences such as sit-down dinners and education. 

Regional Hospitality Industry Event

The International Live Events Association (ILEA) is a global community of thousands of creative event professionals whose skills, expertise, and experience power some of the most influential live events around the world. When its regional-chapter Midwest annual networking and educational events needed to be done virtually to adhere to safety regulations, ILEA trusted AOO Events to help produce a one-of-a-kind virtual experience with the help of newly launched platform, exVo by Allseated. 

The event was custom designed around David Merrell’s keynote address. A popular speaker with the ILEA audience, his talk boosted attendance and at the same time, gave him insights as a speaker on this platform so he could improve upon it for future user experience.

Association of Club Catering Professionals 2021 Conference

Lynne LaFond DeLuca, the Executive Director of ACCP, Association of Club Catering Professionals, called on David Merrell and the Team at AOO to produce a virtual experience for the organizations 2021 national conference. With 22 speakers, several hundred attendees, dozens of sponsors, and a reputation to uphold, she knew she needed a producer with proven virtual event production capabilities. We used all the bells and whistles of the Zoom streaming platform to make the experience as fun and memorable as a live event. After months of minute-by-minute preparation, the virtual production delivered a flawless, interactive, and high-energy experience guests have come to expect from her annual day-and-a-half-long conference for private club caterers.