AOO Events has become a leader in live show production, due to its extensive experience in the field. The key to success for any live show is to properly plan out all the elements. Direct communication between departments is also paramount to the success of the live show. As most […]

The holiday season brings people closer together in a season of celebration. The traditional celebration sees families and friends, our loved ones, gathered around a table sharing, eating and bonding. The table is symbolic in that way; always bringing us closer to the ones we love. In honor of that, […]

When designing an event it’s extremely important to keep your eye on the details. It’s the event producer’s responsibility to maximize their opportunity to align the client’s objective with detailed design elements. The prize is always in the details. We recently caught up with our lead floral designer, Jason Vorse, to […]

CEO and Creative Director of AOO Events David Merrell, recently had the unique opportunity to host his long time friends in the event industry at a private dinner. The dinner took place at LA’s City Club, which boasts sprawling 360 degree views of our wonderful city. Being the event industry […]

Halloween is one of the most creative holidays of the year. The feeling of festivity around costumes and candy, fuels our creative inspiration and propels us into full-blown holiday planning mode. Since Halloween is seen as a bridge to the grand finale of the holidays on December 25, we decided […]

In today’s rapidly developing world, event planners are constantly utilizing technology to make their lives easier. At AOO Events, our event producers are passionate about creating seamless experiences for their clients. In order to accomplish this, our team stays organized with several mobile apps that creates a winning experience for […]

AOO Events recently designed and decorated one of the industry’s most talked about soirees. The setting. Summer. Friends and colleagues gathered in the Hollywood Hills to celebrate the launch of The Little Gray Book. Most people were there to celebrate a book release, however we were all pleasantly surprised with […]

This article written by AOO Events CEO David Merrell originally appeared on Hiring big name entertainment is something that my company, AOO Events, and I have done often over the years. From Bruno Mars and Robin Thicke to Michael Buble and Melissa Etheridge, there are several things I’ve learned that […]


AOO Wins At WIPA USA’s Excellence Awards

Video captured from a recent Hindu wedding designed and produced by AOO Events and AOO Floral. Wedding professionals can all attest to this fact, these past few weeks have been extremely busy. Whether it’s on the beach or in a ballroom, we’ve all been on the go making dreams come […]

AOO Events is always thrilled when we get the chance to offer our design services for a seaside event. The design possibilities are endless, from sunset bonfires to beach-combed treasures; we’re able to draw on a wealth of inspiration from the surf and sand. We recently had the pleasure of […]