Mirror Mirror: Into the Looking Glass for a View of Events in 2022

Mirror Mirror: Into the Looking Glass for a View of Events in 2022

By David Merrell
As we look at 2022 event trends, I’ve found a few that started in 2021 and I believe will be amplified as we go into another year of uncertainty and change.

Tempering client expectations will continue to be at the forefront of 2022 events. Things are not the same as they were and it’s important that we educate our clients that supplies will continue to be limited in some areas. It’s led to some tough conversations, but also to more thinking outside the box. As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.” There will be some new cleverness that evolves from this. The real question is, how much do we want to push the envelope on new ideas when it is tougher to execute even the most basic right now? I believe new attitudes when it comes to aesthetic design will start to reveal themselves as things open up. 

A design trend with many corporate clients of ours is more intimate events and in person with proof of vaccinations and rapid testing. Menus and the themes are centered on mindful living, health and wellness. The design style is centered on natural color palettes and organic form. In fact, research shows that this can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate, increase productivity and creativity, and make us happier. Who doesn’t want all that?

Back to nature. I recently read the predictions of Michelle Lamb, the editorial director at The Trend Curve, and agreed with her that the natural design palette will elevate to the next level. “Perhaps because humanity has never needed the healing powers of nature more than we do at this moment, there is a quest to take this approach even deeper.” She predicts more nature-inspired hues used with natural textures such as wood, stone, bamboo, rattan, dried grasses, flowers and leaves.

Live + Virtual + Hybrid Events With advances in virtual platforms when it comes to design, we can do many more types of events from galas and awards to tradeshows and leadership summits. Now is a great time for us to be in the middle of conversations with our clients about live, virtual or hybrid events and what they look and feel like. We have the opportunity to leverage our unique expertise and take our place at the table of corporate marketing and event departments.

And finally, no sharp edges. This might be the most profound of all trends because we’re all feeling a little fragile still. Many of us are still not ready for sharp edges in event design or in our lives. Femininity will have an impact on form in 2022, conveyed through rounded details ranging from circular structural elements to gentle curves.