Letter from David Merrell: The Future of Events

Letter from David Merrell: The Future of Events

photo of david merrellBy now you are wondering — as we all have — what the future of live events will be. And by now you might have realized — as we all have — that they will look and feel very, very different.

We hear it all the time … I can’t wait until this returns to normal. But I don’t believe “normal” is there anymore. I’m not even sure we want that anymore. A lot in our culture has changed. We are more flexible and adaptable than ever. We have a chance right now to completely reinvent our future into something far beyond “normal!” How? We have a solution and want you to be part of it.

My team and I have been working remotely to research and design an event model that makes sense for your safety and health and that of your attendees. We’ve been looking into budget needs and allocation, logistics and more that will fit your changing needs. We’ve become tech geeks along the way but in doing so, we realized something:



We’ve had these tools all along.

We are now just using them differently.

We know you want your virtual events to have many human touch points and branding opportunities. We’ve been creating a multi-tiered strategy that incorporates all of this to produce high-quality hybrid events with face-to-face moments amid the virtual experience.

In a short time, we will launch AOO Virtual Engagement Strategies. I’ll be back next week to tell you more about how you can experience it first hand.

In the meantime, enjoy this preview. Click HERE or on the image below.






Whether online or off, AOO supports your need to keep your team and your customers informed, gathered and focused in today’s world. We are working hard to create exciting online experiences, translating all our award-winning offline talents to today’s virtual world.

Stay tuned. Stay calm. We have everything you need to carry on!