PepsiCo hosts a hospitality suite every year to celebrate the Super Bowl in the city where the game is played.  In 2016, the backdrop was the 36th floor of the Grand Hyatt in downtown San Francisco.  Our event space occupied the entire floor and every room had a breathtaking view of San Francisco.  Our goal was to design a multi-brand experience that celebrated football with a look that was clean and modern. We went with a royal blue and gold palette with geometric shapes to accent.

Starting with the elevator bay, we designed a custom rug in our signature event colors, blue and gold.  The runner featured gold field markers and the PepCity SuperBowl logo.  Acrylic vitrines lined the hallway and featured a display of branded items from each product line.  Elevator door clings finished off the space and added another opportunity for brand representation.

Stepping out of the elevator bay, guests were greeted with a stunning view of the harbor.  Descending the staircase, they were offered the opportunity to relax on a variety of mixed seating arrangements, while watching the game on one of the many screens.

Furniture vignettes with custom pillows were mixed with a few raised seating options.  Highboy tables sported glass toppers with PepCity branding and long glass top communal tables finished off the space.  Each vignette boasted an eclectic mix of gold geometric items and white orchid florals in a variety of different vases.

In order to service the volume of guests that cycled through our event space, we installed a massive 24’ custom-built bar that we made for this room.  The bar was made with an inset of LED lights and a pattern of x’s, o’s, and arrows, representing football play patterns, was used to give the top a festive finish.  We took that pattern along with the PepCity logo and used it complete the look of our glass bar back.

The main entrance connected to two side rooms that were used for food service.  Branded glowing oval tables were paired with acrylic chairs for a look that was modern and fresh.  Vinyl window clings enhanced the room and tied our football theme with more football play patterns.  Gold vases and white florals tied the look together.

The endcap of the event space housed our marketplace experience.  We built a custom, 30’ market display complete with sliding basket shelves, built-in lighting, storage, and custom cutouts for four interactive beverage coolers.  The fascia of the marketplace was made in a geometric pattern to match the overall design.  Vinyl dye-cut clings were used to decorate the marketplace with a splash of brand representation from each of our nine major brands:  Tropicana, Tostitos, Sabra, Quaker, Lays, Pepsi, Aquafina, Doritos, and Gatorade.  The entire marketplace was stocked full of the newest flavors and offerings mixed in with a few classic favorites.

Our marketplace room was also furnished with a few modern furniture vignettes and garnished with custom floor rugs and pillows, gold geometric knick-knacks and white florals.

This event space was chok-full of brands, each with their own identity and color palette.  Our simplistic and modern design allowed the brands to shine, without competing for attention within the space.