Meet Our Lead Floral Designer: Anil Pacheco

Meet Our Lead Floral Designer: Anil Pacheco

Anil Pacheco is one of the newest members of our team at AOO Events. Born and raised in Orange County, CA, to a Latin-American family, Anil is a visionary floral /event designer known for his one of a kind arrangements and innovative design. After graduating high school in Garden Grove, Anil embarked on becoming a teacher. During his college days, he worked full-time in a bucket shop, which is where he began to realize his true passion was art. Anil decided he would change course and pursue his dream of becoming a full-time floral and event designer.

Anil gained experience working on several high-profile events in the entertainment industry. He began to work with some of the industry’s most renowned floral decorators, including Mark’s Garden. This is where he developed a holistic perspective of design and became inspired to create arrangements that would not only stay true to his client’s vision but also reflect the myriad of new ideas he gained from working on major productions. Anil also won the hearts of many viewers as a contestant on Logo TV’s The Arrangement, a high-end floral design competition.

Most recently, Anil’s versatility can be seen at AOO Events, where he is the Creative Director of AOO’s in-house floral studio, AOO Floral. With an eye for what’s trending and an emerging voice in forward-thinking design, Anil consistently creates cutting-edge products that set him apart as an artist who truly understands the industry’s rapid development and modern aesthetic.

Anil recently answered our signature Ten Questions, which has given us a lot of insight into his fun, creative and artistic personality.

How did you get started in the special events industry?

I got started with a part time job in college. A little flower shop on a corner where I’d meet people daily buying a little something for their loved ones. It allowed me to be social and had a place to do my homework on my breaks. I was in school doing general education with thoughts on becoming a teacher. But if wasn’t stimulating. I knew I’d have a career that involved shapes and textures. When I was a kid I was FASCINATED  with pinatas(as odd as that sounds). I found them so interesting. They were in bold colors and had great textures … plus they were filled with candy. So I look at floral design the same way. Floral sculptures if you will. My floral background has really helped me expand my skills in the overall event industry.

What is your favorite sports team in LA?

I don’t watch sports. If anything, I avoid them at all costs.

Favorite thing to do in LA?

Theres so much to do! Ummm, probably a nice dinner out with my friends.

Rooftop pool or indoor pool?


What is your favorite brunch spot in LA?

Pump in West Hollywood. The drinks are amazing.

Favorite cocktail trend of all time?

I’m a martini guy. Dirty martini with Titos vodka and 3 olives please.

What is your favorite annual event in LA?

SUMMER! The summers here are so memorable and full of great activities.

What destination would you recommend for a nearby staycation?

Laguna Beach, The beaches are the nicest. It’s a small town vibe with a lot of great restaurants.

What is your favorite venue in LA?

 I like the staples center. All of my favorite concerts have taken place there.

If you could work on any special event in the world, which one would it be and why?

Any awards show with a ton of press and celebrities.

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