10 Questions With AOO Events Producer: Jimmy Surace

10 Questions With AOO Events Producer: Jimmy Surace

Everyone in special events has that one moment that ignited their passion for the event world … this is Jimmy’s: In 6th grade each student was given an ‘egg baby’ to keep alive and safe for a month. Any crack in the egg resulted in failing the project. The health teacher gave Jimmy his egg and almost immediately he dropped it and it shattered. Instead of claiming defeat, Jimmy decided to plan a funeral for his ‘egg baby.’ Pulling from his creative mind he developed a celebration of life for his lost egg baby from programs, floral designs, memento pictures, and last but not least involving the student choir to perform at the service. The result, a first ever ‘A’ given to a cracked egg parent. At this moment Jimmy knew he had the passion and drive for event production.

AOO Events
Hailing from the great state of Ohio, Jimmy moved westward after graduating from Bowling Green State with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and minor in Journalism. He took his first professional leap into the world of special events working in the production department at DreamWorks Animation, focusing on production coordination and in-house events. Jimmy took his skills to the open sea working for Atlantis Events, planning charter cruises and resort takeovers around the globe. He worked as a member of the opening management team for Shore Hotel in Santa Monica before refocusing on event design with AOO Events in Los Angeles. Ever one to expand his craft Jimmy worked with a leading DMC on corporate events before returning to the AOO Events team focusing on event production and design.

Jimmy recently answered our signature Ten Questions, which has given us clarity in getting to know more about his exuberant, fun and hardworking personality.

How did you get started in the special events industry?
I was asked at a circuit party if I ever would be interested in working in events… I said, duh! I interviewed that week and the rest was history.

What is your favorite sports team in LA?
UCLA gymnastics- does that count?

Favorite museum in LA?
Getty- We are all priceless pieces of art… someone told me that and I ran with it.

Rooftop pool or indoor pool?

What is your favorite brunch spot in LA?

Favorite cocktail trend of all time?
Xanax? Kidding 😉 Changing up the glassware and being eclectic. Honey, it’s all about presentation.

What is your favorite annual event in LA?
GAY PRIDE (bro) !!!!

What destination would you recommend for a nearby staycation?
Rent a house with a pool in palm springs… sooooo peaceful. And you can actually see the stars (in the sky).

What is your favorite venue in LA?
Paramount backlot. I’m a sucker for a movie set.

If you could work on any special event in the world, which one would it be and why?
Any Kardashian celebration. I feel there would be no limit to the level of ridiculousness… or glitter. More is more 😉