AOO Events is an experiential event design and production company with strategic partnerships around the globe. We develop dramatic, award-winning and immersive experiences for our social, corporate and non-profit clients. Our brand strategy integration, along with unparalleled logistics engages even the most discerning audiences and creates lasting impressions for years to come. 

  • A Five-Star Grand Opening
    A Five-Star Grand Opening
    The grand opening of the luxury, five-star Intercontinental Hotel featured four different experiences across 73 hotel floors for a distinctly Los Angeles event. LED wristbands were used to signal guests to move through experiences designed to envelope guests in the luxury lifestyle. Entertainment was designed to enthrall.
  • An Immersive Inaugural Dinner
    An Immersive Inaugural Dinner
    It was fitting that attendees of this special dinner were immersed in huge, beautiful images of Los Angeles. Why? Because this event, held at the Intercontinental Hotel Downtown was the Inaugural Dinner of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.
  • A Corporate Brand Experience
    A Corporate Brand Experience
    When a network strategy and technology company repositioned its brand before a sales event for 900 attendees, we were tasked with conveying the message and motivating the sales force. Immersing everyone in the brand experience and the new tagline “Experience. Outcomes.” meant ensuring that the message was not only seen but felt through heightened elements of design from start to finish.
  • Unexpected Delights
    Unexpected Delights
    What is an event but a series of unexpected delights? The experience weaves them through expertly from beginning to end. Or in the case of this black tie, corporate event we produced in Las Vegas, from the donut wall – always an unexpected delight— to a high-design vending machine filled with tiny bottles of Moet & Chandon! Other delights included a vee setting for the dining tables that made the white grand piano and performer the center of attention, a beautiful ribbon chandelier and splashes of lighting texture on the walls.