When our clients first engaged us, we were excited by the idea of doing something different….unusual…..non-traditional…. especially for a wedding celebration. The bride and groom wanted to celebrate the joining of two families as they started their lives together.  However, we didn’t quite expect the length at which they would go to combine these blended families into one!Certainly the event site was a clue. They asked for something out of the ordinary, so when we presented a list of locations, we knew we were in for fun when they chose the Carousel at Santa Monica Pier!

But first a little background. This was a couple that had each been married before and had families of their own. They knew they wanted everything unusual.  And they were open to anything!

The event began at 7:00pm on May 17, 2014. One hundred twenty guests arrived and walked up a cotton candy pink carpet runner towards the building. Inside, they dined on fabulous hors d’oeuvres and champagne around the stationary historic carousel. The family gathered at the far side of the carousel for what may have been the shortest wedding ceremony in history! After the “I do’s” were finished, we cranked up the carousel and the bride and groom hopped aboard to rousing applause by the guests!

After the ceremony, guests dined on a lavish and fun buffet set outside the building overlooking the Pacific Ocean. A lounge area with comfortable furniture in grey and white patterns offset with fuchsia, orange and turquoise included sofas and chairs. Furniture groupings were centered around cool, ten foot tall custom lamps adding a warm glow as well as some height to the settings.

Guest tables draped in fuchsia, purple and turquoise were centered with some of the most unique florals imaginable. Roses, orchids, painted bamboo and elephant ear were combined in monotone looks along with wild green bamboo snaking up from containers of roses into the sky. There were small golden orchids with roses in containers. Each of the florals was created individually to match the colors and patterns of the linen. The created effect was remarkably coherent, yet different to behold. The entire look reflected the imagination of our guests and yet satisfied their desire to be different, unique and totally memorable.

At 8:00 pm it was announced that all guests had free access to all the rides and attractions that the Santa Monica Pier had to offer. All rides from the Pacific Wheel to the mini roller coaster were free for the asking! Guests were requested to return at 9:30 pm for the cake cutting.

Meanwhile, the outrageous lighting took effect. As the sun set on the Pacific, the carousel housing came alive with brilliant and unique lighting. Gobo patterns splashed across the buildings and magnificent colorful uplights creating a look somewhere between Alice through the looking glass and Mad King Ludwig of Bavaria!

As guests returned from their jaunt down the pier, the cake cutting ceremony took place with another creatively unique twist. The cake design was out of this world and the bride and groom included their whole family for the cake cutting.

Afterward, the DJ cranked up the volume and guests dined, drank and danced until the wee hours of the night. The memories created would surely outshine any wedding that these guests had ever attended.

Santa Monica Pier 

Santa Monica, CA