“I read about you in a magazine a couple of years ago and I hope you are the one who can help me.” This from the wife of a Hollywood executive who claimed she had a mission. For her 40th birthday party, her husband surprised her with a concert by “Sugar Ray.” Now it was his 50th, and she wanted to do him one better!Our client had a few requests… First, the location had to be a new “hot spot” in Hollywood or Beverly Hills. Second, it was important to maintain control the menu as the quality, styling and service and even more important, the wine menu, had to be the best there was. Third, the venue must be able to accommodate all of the technical and musical aspect that comes with big-name entertainment. The fourth and most important stipulation was that for the 80 guests in attendance, it must remain intimate! Oh, and it was to take place on a Saturday night in less than two months! One final stipulation, the client wanted this location to be totally customized to the birthday boy’s personality! With that combination of requirements, the location list narrowed quickly. “Social Hollywood”, the hottest new restaurant and event space on Sunset Boulevard turned out to be the right fit and it was bought out for the night!Chauffeured limousines escorted all guests from their homes all over Southern California to the front door of Social Hollywood where the red carpet was rolled out! Upon entering, guests were treated to tray passed hors

d’oeuvres, an elaborate seafood and Beluga Caviar buffet and free-flowing Cristal! A recording artist duo consisting of jazz harp and upright acoustic bass player filled in the background with original music.

The dining room of this edgy restaurant with Moroccan architectural flair had to be completely reconfigured and designed to accommodate the four-course meal of the guests at much larger tables. Removing the existing tables and chairs and creating larger “sharing tables” in between the authentic hand-carved room dividers to accommodate all 80 guests gave the restaurant a truly unique feel. Specialty Moroccan linens and antique gold- leaf and ruby glass chargers helped in creating a truly opulent place setting. Stylized floral consisting of a combination of red, orange and yellow roses and orchids in silk wrapped boxes surrounded by amber glass votives ran down the center of each table. Mahogany Chivari chairs with an ivory filigree sheer cap completed the tables.

A full serving staff served a custom contemporary Mediterranean four-course meal in traditional French-style service. The wine menu was hand selected to compliment each course.

Guests were then ushered into the nightclub event space that was completely converted into an “uber-chic” custom lounge. Chocolate leather and suede lounge settings were defined with oversized Persian rugs. Custom coffee tables encrusted in a floral and greenery design covered with glass tops finished the lounge settings.

Chrome and glass sharing tables and cabaret-style seating with lavish floral accents filled the remainder of the event space. A raised seating platform with the custom furniture and coffee tables was created especially for the immediate family. Back-dropping the raised platform was a 25’-tall crushed metallic screen onto which moving flames and a static image of the custom “Club Glen” logo were projected.

Custom leather panels 10’ tall, with a sheer red Moroccan fringe in the center was created.   Through the sheer fringe, the light of the existing sconces could be seen.   A three-dimensional event logo was mounted in the center of the leather valance on top and backlit in red. In between these scone panels were true pieces of floral art. Petrified Manzanita branch sculptures resting in tall inverted leather planter boxes and were adorned with floral masterpieces that spilled and melted off the sides.

The stage was the focal point in the space. Custom-made oversize candlesticks (7’-tall) with hundreds of flickering gem-tone glass votives framed the stage. Textured leather wrapped sconce panels were found to the back and sides of the stage tying the whole room together.

Guests had no idea what to expect for entertainment and boy were they surprised! To begin the show in “Club Glen”, a personal friend of the family, John Stamos, acted as the MC of the evening. He first took the stage to welcome guests and offered a toast to the birthday boy. After the speeches by the wife and the birthday boy, John brought Dana Carvey to the stage. Dana performed a 45 minute set that included about a 20-minute long roast of the birthday boy. A special surprise appearance from Bob Sagat came directly after Dana.

The stage was then handed over to Don Henley, the big surprise of the night! For 90 minutes, Don mesmerized the audience with the songs that made him and the Eagles famous over the years, culminating in a special version of “They Say It’s your Birthday” that rocked the house. Closing out the night was a local DJ favorite who spun hits from the past few decades as the birthday boy, friends and family danced into the night. A Cold Stone Creamery station opened up when the birthday cake was served, and a custom flavor was created that brought the birthday boy back to his childhood memories.

As guests walked out the door and back to their limos, they were thanked with a special gift bag presented with the event logo to commemorate the evening. Needless to say, the party and all of its opulent surprises was a smashing success. The Hollywood wife? She was more than ecstatic. It topped her 40th. Mission accomplished!

Social Hollywood 

Hollywood, CA