Holiday celebrations come in all shapes and sizes. We expect Christmas trees, a red and green color palette…. maybe with a touch of gold. And perhaps we’ll try a winter wonderland to be politically correct; with a nod to Chanukah and Kwanza. However this year our client wanted something totally different. Now that’s something we’ve all heard that before…. something never seen…. something unique. But this holiday season, we delivered.

It started with the color palette. Something different, you say? How about CranTango! By tastefully combining cranberry and tangerine, we were able to make this event stand out. From the minute guests arrived, they knew this was something special. Designed for the 21stcentury holiday party, we took the traditional colors and threw them out the window. Then we took the obvious images and recreated them to fit our needs.

The ballroom, which was the perfect canvas to create our vision, was a neutral shade with traditional molding and wainscoting. We decided to giftwrap the room from the inside out in our unique color combination. By combining gels we were able to create the look we wanted. Then by utilizing gobo projections we created a giftwrap effect. So we created a digitally mapped look by using all floor-based lighting instead of the expense of projection. It meant a painstaking creation of matching the gobos using traditional lekos with 50 degree barrels. To get the proper effect, we had to match the “giftwrap” design for the look to be seamless. This meant taking exact measurements and using shutters to create the image between the molding and the wainscoting.

But that was just the beginning.

Wrought iron “trees” were designed and custom created in our studios. These floor to ceiling creations were wrapped with mahogany bands and fanned out at the ceiling. Inside the wrought iron columns, we placed additional birch branches at the base and uplighted them in cranberry to add an additional pop of color.

The final touch appeared around the perimeter of the room, where large 8×4’ mirrors framed in ornate gold and backlit in dramatic blue to create depth and added a pop of something totally unexpected. They worked with the overall design beautifully. But the star of the evening was the lighting. The giftwrap effect was broken up with additional gobo designs of concentric circle in the same color palette. The effect was a room that was completely different and unexpected for that time of year, yet didn’t stray too far away from the warmth of a comfortable holiday celebration with close friends.

Both our clients and guests went away with the satisfaction that this particular event was something unexpected and unique but at the same time brought them together for a year-end celebration to remember.


Designed by AOO. Co-Produced with Pop Kollaborative, agency of record

Hyatt Regency

Denver, CO