As guests entered the Monroeville Convention Center in suburban Pittsburgh, they experienced the first bits of magic that would make the evening memorable. As a newer facility, we were dealing with a very raw space akin to an empty warehouse, so we covered the cement floors with gobo projections of color. Registration tables were covered in opulent brown textured linen surrounded by huge floral.

Cool jazz greeted guests as they headed to one of the custom designed bars for a cocktail. The standing cocktail tables were covered with a sheer swirl overlay on burgundy silk and a small floral with votive candles in the center. Grey suede lounge furniture and two luxurious grey “pouf” sofas centered the lounges with an oversize floral shooting out from the center. The focal point of the room were gobo projections of the word “celebrate” along with additional firework projections in the colors of orange and fuchsia on the walls with purple uplights.

The cocktail area was separated from the dinner area with dramatic floor to ceiling sheer drape saturated in color. When the drapes parted and the music began, guests moved toward their seats.

Eighty square tables covered with alternating brown and copper crinkled taffeta linen and tiered centerpieces of roses, orchids in a myriad of colors were placed throughout the room. Clear chargers with distressed borders accented the textured linen.

The stage backdrop was a giant scrim framed with drapes in sheer, white and golden fabrics to pick up the lighting. Behind the scrim, we placed the 10-pc orchestra in silhouette throughout the night. When the band wasn’t playing, brilliant, colorful projections appeared on the scrim.

The final touch that added elegance was the custom created chandeliers that hung overhead. These three 8×12’ chandeliers hung down over six feet and were created with white sheer fabrics and multiple strands of crystals. The chandeliers were on dimmers to create the proper ambience for each portion of the show.

The menu for the evening was also carefully crafted. Organically grown local produce and specially fed livestock were used in creation of the gourmet dinner that focused on freshness as well as a healthy menu!

The emcee for the evening was Pittsburgh’s own David Conrad. Dancers Michelle and Ade from “So You Think You Can Dance” performed the poignant Breast Cancer Dance amongst others. The announcement of reaching their goal was left to Senator Arlen Specter as the celebration was capped with an amazing performance by the legendary, Gladys Knight.

Monroeville Convention Center

Monroeville, PA