The Little Gray Book Launch Party

The Little Gray Book Launch Party

AOO Events recently designed and decorated one of the industry’s most talked about soirees. The setting. Summer. Friends and colleagues gathered in the Hollywood Hills to celebrate the launch of The Little Gray Book. Most people were there to celebrate a book release, however we were all pleasantly surprised with the real reason behind the stunning event. Marcus Anthony Gray is an industry newcomer, who has blazed a path to success in a short amount of time. The Little Gray Book is a play on words for Gray’s “little black book” of contacts. To be clear, The Little Gray Book is in fact Gray’s public relations company, which specializes in the event industry. The setting and mystery behind the launch is exactly what makes Gray so great at what he does. He keeps us on our toes eagerly anticipating what’s next.

Needless to say, the launch went off without a hitch. We recently caught up with Gray to find out if he was satisfied with the vision AOO Events brought to life. Gray, who is a self declared “over the top” guy said his desire was for the evening to be an experience of pure joy. One that people would continue to talk about long after the last hors d’oeuvre was passed. “David and his team really made this possible, I came in with this crazy idea of gray everything, even our house furniture, so AOO went the extra mile to remove all the furniture from the house and bring in one of their custom lines, that was of course … gray!”

His favorite vignette was the custom gray floral books designed by AOO Floral‘s Jason Vorse. When asked if AOO Events would be listed in his Little Gray Book, Gray said “Absolutely, yes. On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest I’d say it was 100. AOO Events went above and beyond to make this launch party a success and it was one for the books definitely to be remembered for years to come.”

the little gray book


The industry’s finest attended the launch on July 1 2015.


A Lil’ Bit of team AOO! – AOO’s senior producer C.J. Stermer

the little gray book

Gray and friends.



The event was catered by Taste of Pace.


Guests left on a sweet note with custom treats catered by Superfine Bakery

Photos by: Kristina Lee Photography

A complete list of vendors

AOO Events
AOO Floral
Backdrops Beautiful
Champagne Creative Group
David Merrell
Grato SB
Line 204
Luxury DJs
Scarlette Bartending
Superfine Bakery
Synergetic Sound and Lighting
Taste of Pace
The Replicas