The Prize is Always in the Details

The Prize is Always in the Details

When designing an event it’s extremely important to keep your eye on the details. It’s the event producer’s responsibility to maximize their opportunity to align the client’s objective with detailed design elements. The prize is always in the details. We recently caught up with our lead floral designer, Jason Vorse, to get his best advice on the most important details to get us through the upcoming season.

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At the outset, it’s imperative to look at the overall canvas of the event space to find opportunites to create levels in your presentation. Vorse doesn’t only mean levels of greatness. “It’s important to enhance decorative elements with different heights of floral arrangements, votives and accessories,” says Vorse.

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Color is also another important detail. “No matter what your story is, always find a space to bring in a punch of color,” says Vorse. For designers, that simple punch of color can make all the difference in letting your detail shine.

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Lighting is a major component of enhancing the event’s atmosphere. “Bringing in additional lighting to highlight your thought out set is so important,” says Vorse, “without proper lighting your details might as well be left in the bag.”

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Last but not least, Vorse gives us insight into his personal to do list, which ensures a thorough check of all the particulars. “It’s important to alternate your setup with linens, natural wood or mirrored tables to give the design a strong sense of texture and depth,”says Vorse.  Event producers know these last steps are paramount for the event’s success. In fact when you think you are done with your set up, it is always worth it to stand back and make a second or third final check. “These detail are everything, make sure all your seating is perfectly straight, all your floral containers are facing the same direction, votives are equally spaced and lastly,” says Vorse, “does it make you smile?” If the installation doesn’t make you smile your job is not done.

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This event was produced by AOO Events’ C.J. Stermer. Thank you to our wonderful vendors AFR Rentals and Luxe Linen.